1955 DS, Most beautiful car in the world

1955 ds most beautiful carدی‌اس۱۹۵۵ زیباترین خودروی جهان

Classic & sports car magazine, one of the authentic media in car industry, named the 1955 DS, designed by flamino bertuni, the most beautiful car had been made since.


This statement shocked designers and fans of this industry, but anyhow 1955 DS was announced by a jury made of legendary designers including Giorgetto Giugaro, Ian Callum, Paul Bracq, Marcell Gandini, Gordon Murray and etc with 20 votes, the most beautiful car that had been made.

It’s worth noting, 1955 DS was that famous car which saved france’s president (Charles De-gaul) life from a terrorist attempt.

Petrolheads everywhere are forever arguing about the most beautiful cars and we hope that this will put an end to the debate once and for all, though we suspect that it might just be lighting a rocket under it.

Many designers stated DS as bizarre, delightful, innovative, and, if not inimitable, never imitated. Giorgetto Giugiaro: “The only example of a car really conceived ‘outside the box’. It is just impossible to imitate. Leonardo Fioravanti (former Pininfarina design chief and the man behind Ferrari’s Daytona, Dino and 308GTB): “A real road car that, at its time and perhaps still now, has represented the ‘dream’ in its extreme progress”.

DS With its name derived from Déesse (French for Goddess), this innovative design was styled by Italian sculptor Flaminio Bertoni and launched in 1955.

The futuristic shape was an instant design classic and over the next 20 years more than 1.5 million cars were sold in a range of specifications.

But it wasn’t just the shape that revolutionised automotive design: the complex self-levelling suspension, plus powered steering, clutch and brakes were otherwordly compared to rival cars of the era.

DS But the appeal of the DS is as much as a cultural icon as a car with a long list of celebrity owners and fans (Alec Guinness, Peter Cook and Will Self among them), plus regular appearances on film and in design museums and art galleries.

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