3D Skin

DS3-Darksideدی‌اس ۳ دارک‌ساید

DS, PSA Group’s luxury brand, has created a unique and premium driving experience in DS3 using Titanium and 3D printing technology.

Printing Titanium elemnts in DS3 Darkside is taking 65 hours, and in this process DS doesn’t miss any opportunity to keep the harmony in design. In DS3 Darkside every element, even little ones like car remote or door handle trim, is a piece of a greater design.
Up until now, DS had only used the 3D skin technology on its concept cars.DS 3 Dark Side marks the first time that a production vehicle has used the technology.
How does 3D skin technology work? According to DS, its designers created a film with geometric patterns cut out of it. The film was then coated with a special textured paint that gives the effect of “depth and relief” to the car’s surface. The paint used for the effect has a granular texture and was reportedly “enriched with particles” for the final satin feel.
a light version with an aluminum grey roof, diamond-cut 17” wheels, and chrome mirror shells; and an “uncompromising dark” version with onyx black roof and mirror shells, and 17” black wheels. Both versions are equipped with either PureTech 110 S&S or PureTech 130 S&S.
DS Automobiles describes the car thusly: “From afar, DS 3 Dark Side looks sculpted from a rough, dark, mineral material. Then as you get closer you’re intrigued by the subtle geometric patterns engraved in the skin of the car. The effect is so unreal you have to reach out and touch the body to see what it feels like.”
Arian Motor, Offical DS sales representetice, is proud to be able to provide this luxury car to our people in Iran.