5 things to avoid in turbocharged cars

5 things to avoid in turbo charge cars۵ عمل که نباید در خودروهای توربوشارژ انجام داد

With increase usage of turbocharged engines technology, we can see the car manufacturers equipped their cars with this technology. The best benefit of this technology is you can have more power with less engine volume.

Turbocharger simply means using a compressor and turbin to inject more oxygen to burn with fuel in engine and output of this process is increase rate of power and performance of the engine.

If you own a car with turbocarged engine you might like to follow some simple rules to extend the life time of this kind of engines. Many drivers critically damaged their engines by not following these rules.

  1. Don’t move with cold engine:

One of the most important culprits in turbocharged engines breakdown, related to oiling system. Bearings and rotating connections in turbocharger needs oil with specific purity, pressure and flow. After you start the engine, it takes some time to reach the adequate temperature, so have in mind that wait 3 to 5 minutes to heat up the engine.

  1. Don’t turn off the car suddenly after the long drive:

When you turn off the engine, oil pump will cut off and this will leave some oil in system and because the engine temperature is still hot, the oil will burn when contacted with this areas and lose its viscosity and quality. To avoid this damage, wait a couple minutes before turning of the engine.

  1. Don’t drive with high gears and low reps:

When your engine rep is below 2000 RPM and driving with high gears, if you push gas pedal to accelerate, more fuel is injected through the engine but because your rep is low, the oxygen isn’t enough and this combination will damage the engine.

  1. Don’t use low octane fuel (low quality):

In turbocharged engines, quality of the fuel which you put in is very important. Using the low octane fuel will increase rate of knocking and eventually will damage the engine.

  1. Don’t release the gas pedal at the corners:

One of the problems with turbocharged cars is something called “turbolag”. It means when you press the gas pedal there will be a suspension time to accelerate and this thing at corners can make car instable and you lose the control.

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