Special Terms of sale for DS Products

Special Terms of sale for DS Products

Arian Motor Taban Official distributor of DS Automobiles in Iran, announced the new terms of sale for this French company premium products, this terms of sale contains discounts and special offers with zero interest rate.

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Important Hints:

1. All the prices are in Toman.

2. First year’s third-party insurance is on the house.

3. Delivery time of Products are mentioned in above files and all the contracts is acceptable if they are in system’s formats.

4. Customers have to deposit the funds to buy cars only to Arian Motor Taban’s official bank accounts. If you do not observe the above, Arian Motor Taban will not be liable to any applicant. (Melli Bank’s Account information 5416652589 Kandovan Enghelab Branch – Sina Bank’s Account information 1394475421001 fatemi branch – khavarmiane bank’s account 707071542-810-10-1001 aftab branch)

5. In all terms of sale conditions, delay interest is advised by the type of that contract.

6. In leasing and partnership terms of sale, first check of customers payments are 30 days after estimated delivery date. Also there is possible to pay leasing checks on a two-monthly basis, subject to the date of the first two-month check, 30 days after the estimated delivery date.

7. VAT changes will be calculated and received at the rate approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance at the time of delivery.

8. The amount of insurance for the period of leasing payments will be calculated and received before delivery.

9. It is possible to receive 12 checks at intervals of 2 months for 24-month leasing terms.

10. The profit from delayed delivery, in accordance with the current agreement, is paid within 20 days after delivery of the car.

11. The color of existing cars can be registered through sales points at the time of the registration of the contract.

12. The options for each car are available on the company’s website, as well as in the product catalog, which is available at the DS car show or car show venue.