Active Lane Departure system

Active Lane Departure

the Active Lane Departure technology can increase the safety and quality of driving on the road by up to 30%.

One of the newest technologies used in the modern DS cars is the Active Lane Departure system, which prevents the car from going out of lane. The Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) combats drowsiness at the wheel. This is done by a camera fitted into the upper windscreen to monitor lane markings, if it senses that these lines are being crossed when the vehicle is traveling at speeds in excess of 40mph, without an indicator being activated, it will correct the vehicle’s line and alert the driver. According to automotive industry experts, the Active Lane Departure technology can increase the safety and quality of driving on the road by up to 30%. This system is able to predict the road ahead by analyzing the driving lanes on the road surface. Lane Departure Warning System gives an audible reminder if you drift out of your lane.
The technology has been developed in the new DS automobiles and is capable of detecting lines on the road at high speeds, and the desired route through the display on the driver or the disposable header located above the dashboard Show the driver. The road detection system first entered the automotive industry in 2001. This technology has entered the automotive industry, like many other technologies, from the military industry and the system for detecting warplane jets. The Active Lane Departure technology is enabled and disabled by the driver; therefore, when people want to experience driving freely without driver assistance systems, this system has the ability to use the button embedded in Turn off the driver. In the last decade, different mechanisms have been developed to develop the technology for identifying road lines, and in general, it can be said that any company active in the automotive industry has expanded this technology, but you can certainly get the most advanced example in new and modern DS cars. In the new cars of the French company used a combination of cameras, sensors and radars to detect road surface lanes. In this advanced system, infrared sensors are the main task of identifying the elements of the road surface. In the new DS cars, these sensors are able to design a pattern and algorithmic path for carved lines on the road surface. If a part of the road is dazzling or for some reason the lines are lost on it, these sensors can with These algorithms defined by the ECU is indicative of the driver’s route. Also in Active Lane Departure System, radars and front facing cameras are able to detect the speed of the car as well as driver facing traffic to offer the driver the best route and form. Using cameras to monitor the road markings, if the above-mentioned lane departure scenario happens it will first trigger a vibration mechanism built into the steering pump so it will vibrate the steering wheel, issue a visual and audible warning. The system for moving between lines in the modern DS cars can be temporarily disabled automatically; in fact, when you use the car’s traffic lights, the system temporarily deactivates and when the vehicle’s rotation Completed and its becomes stable again, the Active Lane Departure system start working.