Armored Passenger Vehicles Technology

DS-7-crossback-french-president-car خودروهای ضد گلوله

Today, many Hollywood stars, politicians and influential people around the world use armored cars.

Armoring passenger cars has become big business. Bullet proof cars are a form of tuning cars that were first used by world leaders during World War II. The purpose of using bulletproof cars is to protect the lives of the passenger. As a result, with the development of weapons and military equipment in recent years, these cars have also undergone many changes and their security is increasing. Bullet proof vehicles have their own ratings; this rating reflects their safety, as some cars also have the ability to defeat mine and rocket bombs. Today, many Hollywood stars, politicians and influential people around the world use such these cars. Presidents are one of the people who use armored passenger vehicles; French President Emmanuel Macron has also selected a DS7 car in his latest organizational move. Since bullet proof cars, while modern and luxurious cars should be of high speed, DS7 seems to be a good choice for who is in politics.

The structure of Armored Passenger Vehicles

The materials used in the structure of armored cars are very different from normal and urban cars. The industrial designers of these cars use highly resistant and anti-melting steel in their chassis and basic structure. This type of design is in the form of a double layer. An example of this double layer structure is found in the design of doors, ceilings and other body parts of bulletproof cars. Depending on the level of protection desired, the doors and pillars might be bolstered with steel plates, a combination of ballistic nylon and Kevlar (similar to the material in bulletproof vests), or both. If the doors get too heavy, a third hinge is added. The fire wall and rear bulkhead can be steel-plated, too, but the floor and ceiling are generally lined with ballistic fabrics. Of course, the most important concern for designers of bulletproof cars is to move steadily and without stopping. These cars at risky times; therefore, experts in this area usually make the tanks larger and even more resistant than usual. Therefore in Armored cars, all internal systems are repaired using robust materials. Also, the use of high-density bullet proof glass is another important feature in the construction of bullet proof cars. In the bulletproofing biz, glass is referred to as “transparent armor.” It is not a thicker version of the safety glass found in the side windows of standard cars but rather a sandwich of polycarbonate (a type of plastic) and leaded glass. Even the lightest armoring adds at least 500 pounds to a large sedan. With the greatest level of protection for a large sedan adding 1400 pounds, it is necessary to modify the chassis and occasionally the drivetrain; Therefore, many major companies active in this area are switching their engines to more powerful models. Most modern engines in large sedans have enough power to sufficiently cope with the extra weight, so engine modifications happen only if specifically requested by the customer. Bullet proof cars are also commonly referred to as VIPs , and are often used in luxury and high quality products.