6 Ways to Remove Odors from Your Car

car smell بوی بد خودرو

If your car stinks, it's an unpleasant experience to sit in it and your passengers will be uncomfortable. Many things like smoke, food leftovers, etc.

can make a bad smell in the cars cabin, and unfortunately, during the summertime, the direct sunlight exposure to internal parts, the bad odors in car’s cabin can be even more severe; hence in this short article we are going to tell you six ways to prevent bad smell inside your car. You will certainly be able to eliminate the bad odors of your car by following the tips outlined in this article.

Use an air freshener

Perhaps one of the best ways to eliminate bad smell in the car cabin is to use an air freshener. Today, various types of air freshener are available for cars owners as part of their vehicle accessories. On the other hand, some luxury car manufacturers have been using modern technology in their product and have used automatic air freshener systems in their new products; examples of these amazing systems can be seen in the new products of the French company DS.

Put some coffee!

To eliminate bad car odor, you can put a container of coffee beans inside your car and whenever you want drive the car, you can take the container out of the cabin; one of the most important properties of the coffee beans is that it can eliminate bad car odor in a good way.

Use some wax.

Using the dashboard wax is one of best ways to detail your car interior. The waxes can make the dashboard of your car shiny and Stunning, preventing cracks and also can disinfect your car dashboard, and prevent bad smells inside your car.

Take advantage of baking soda properties!

One of the most prominent properties of baking soda is that it can eliminate sweat smell from chairs and other parts. The odor of body sweating or smell of mint after the rain is easily lost with a little bit of baking soda; it is enough to put as much as a tablespoon of chairs so that bad smell will disappear from your car very soon.

Use vinegar!

Spray the dissolved of vinegar and water onto the interior parts of the vehicle and then open the car windows; you will soon notice that the vinegar has removed all bad odors from your car.

Use of citrus as air freshener!

If you do not want to use chemicals to freshen up your car and feel that they may be susceptible, we recommend using citrus like oranges in your car cabin.

Put some Charcoal briquettes

Use charcoal, the same substance you’d typically use for grilling, to absorb the unpleasant smell in your car. A simple way to use the briquettes is to purchase a bag of charcoal and to place it inside your car. Cut a hole in the top of the bag and allow the charcoal to absorb the odors of the car as you drive.