Trim levels

Strong points

Muscular, charismatic and attractive, DS 7 CROSSBACK exudes power and poise through its design. Viewed from the front the vertical grille uses our distinctive DS Wings motif which melds seamlessly into our signature of spectacular lighting.


Jewel-like DS Active LED Vision headlamps with LED daytime running lights give DS 7 CROSSBACK a mesmerising appearance.


Sophisticated lights at the rear

Full LED rear lights are brighter and safer. Their 3D effect brings DS 7 CROSSBACK’s rear to life, enriching the car’s appeal.


Two 12″ screens help you and DS 7 CROSSBACK become one
The centrally mounted HD touchscreen connects you to the navigation, multimedia, Mirror Screen and DS Connect. The second screen in the instrument panel can be personalised to provide all the information you need, directly in your field of vision. Technology like this features throughout DS 7 CROSSBACK.


Chic, modern and refined, DS 7 CROSSBACK’s cockpit oozes French luxury expertise. You can choose from one of five exquisite interior designs. We call these DS Inspirations and each uses high quality materials combined with precision craftsmanship to reflect a different mood or personality. They are just one of the ways you can put your own very personal mark on DS 7 CROSSBACK.


“Each material and every detail bear testament to the inspiration of high fashion.” Thierry Metroz, design director DS Automobiles
In the tradition of quality craftsmanship, each detail and material used with DS Inspirations (real wood, Alcantara, grained and Nappa leathers, even the guilloché pattern favoured by watchmakers) is carefully chosen and worked with.


The timepiece and sound system are just two examples of the lengths we go to

Positioned majestically on the dashboard, the BRM R180 timepiece is elegantly released from its case when the car starts up.

DS and Focal worked together adapting the interior for perfect acoustics so you only hear sounds in their purest state.




DS 7 CROSSBACK takes dynamic, refined driving a step further thanks to its new THP 165hp Stop & Start petrol engine with the six-speed automatic gearbox. A world first on DS 7 CROSSBACK, this latest transmission provides rapid, imperceptible changes.


DS Night Vision helps you to see in the dark.

Using infrared, DS Night Vision shows what’s ahead in the dark, highlighting vulnerable road users on the instrument screen.




DS 7 CROSSBACK is what we think an SUV should be like. Unveiled on February 28 at the famous Louvre Pyramid in the heart of Paris, DS 7 CROSSBACK is the embodiment of French luxury expertise and innovation. It will be available in our DS dealer network from the last quarter of 2017. If you want more details about this model, Continue reading this page.

Available body colors
DS7-GrandChic-Rouge Absolu (Nacré)
DS7-GrandChic-Rouge Absolu (Nacré)