Chrome in car industry

chrome carsکروم در صنعت خودروسازی

Chrome is a common name for 24th element in mandaliff’s table of elements. Chrome is resistance to oxidation and it can be polished.

Chrome usage is a bit different from other hard metals, nothing is made compeletly from chrome, when you hear an object is chrome, it means there is very thin layer of chrome covering it and inside of it may be made of plastic, steel or etc.

One of other common mistakes about chrome is, people calling any metal that shines, Chrome, and the reason for this mistake is polished aluminium, electro-covered steel or nickel parts lookslike chrome.

In fact, chrome is the best material among its rivals, if you compare metals that we mention earlier to chrome, you can easily spectate that chrome has better polish effect, reflects the light much more better and don’t have any colored streaks, and by any contrast, it has the best shining effect among other metals.

The only way to chromize and object, is through electroplating. Chrome can’t be sprayed or melted down to cover things. In mechanical structures, chrome is used more pure but in beauty industry, it usually combined with nickel.

To achieving this combination, first of all nickel is implemented on a surface through electroplating method, then chrome is added to that surface with same method. Practices showed this combination has better integrity, softness, resistance and shine.

To chromize an object we should go through this steps:

  1. Degradation to get rid of any stains.
  2. Clearing the surface from any impurity.
  3. Checking object for any dirt or dust, object have to be absolutely clear.
  4. Heating up the chrome to the temperature to start the process.
  5. Implementing the covering process to reach the staisfiable diameter.

Chromed object in beauty industries, usually have 0.05 to 0.5 micro meter diameter and the diameter common today is something about 0.13 to 0.25 micro meter diameter.

Purpose of chroming objects can be simplified in two ways: 1- important reason is beauty and 2- increasing resistance of the part.

Chrome in the most expensive form, is implemented as three layers and as we mentioned, nickel can increase the quality of cover. But if we want to achieve the most perfect and idealest state, before nickel we can use a layer of copper in our cover.

It’s worth to mention that, this metal improves car’s image to a luxury and representable level, chrome is used generously all around the DS cars and it’s somehow this brand identifier signature. Arian Motor Taban, official distributor of DS automobiles in Iran, is proud to providing this brand suitable cars for our people in iran.