Best way to cleaning suede and alcantara

شستشوی پوشش alcantara&seude

The luxurious material provides a premium appearance and feel, also it reduces slip on the seat as you take high speed turns

Today modern factory interiors feature an increasingly wider variety of surfaces and materials. In sports cars and high end coupes it’s more common to see OEM using a suede like material referred to as alcantara or microsuede. The luxurious material provides a premium appearance and feel, also it reduces slip on the seat as you take high speed turns, but the problem comes in with its care. most owners are confused on how they care for these materials or out of fear of causing damage neglect them. This article will cover the basics of daily care as well as how to address more serious soiling, stains, and more. The first thing to understand is that virtually no manufactures currently use real suede leather in their interiors. The common materials used are synthetic suedes, like alcantara or micro-suede which give the look and feel of real sueded leather, but with lower cost and better durability. These are synthetic fibers, similar in makeup to the microfiber towels used for car care towels. While micro-suede is more durable than traditional/natural suede it still is highly susceptible to wear from neglect and moisture exposure.

How to clean suede?

Rub the surface of the garment with a clean bath towel. This brings up the nap.

Try to remove small, dry stains through the judicious use of a clean pencil eraser. Small stains that are still wet should be blotted up by putting a paper towel on it and a weight on top of the towel. For either kind of stain, avoid using a chemical stain remover.

Stains may also be rubbed off with a damp towel and some white vinegar. Allow the leather to dry before assessing your success. After drying, the garment will reek of vinegar for a while – but it will eventually fade.

If there are lumps of dirt or dry scuff marks that won’t come off this way, try rasping them off with a fingernail file. Be gentle.

Be warned: Attempting to clean suede on your own can cause irreparable damage, it is always safer to take the garment to a professional dry cleaner.

How to clean alcantara?

Before you dive straight in and start scrubbing away at your nice alcantara its essential that you have a look over what your going to be cleaning. Commonly missed out, this stage can be crucial as you may notice marks or areas of wear that you haven’t noticed before that you may need to avoid or even pay more attention to. Now you know what your working with its time to get on and clean your alcantara. Usually interior has three main surfaces covered in alcantara: the seats, steering wheel and the handbrake handle. These three parts are subject to heavy use when driving and easily become matted down and dirty. More often than not it can be this matting affect that makes your alcantara surface appear dull and dirty as the fibres have worn flat over time and use. Once you have worked the product onto the surface grab a fresh microfibre cloth and wipe away the dirt that was trapped within your alcantara’s fibres. Again light pressure is all it takes as now your are removing the dirt and grime you lifted to the surface with Total. Once you’ve removed the dirt you will have a clean surface that should be dry to the touch.

Although now clean, your alcantara may still appear dirty due to the matting on the fibres however don’t fear as this is easily resolved. Using the crevasse attachment on your vacuum cleaner lightly hover over the surface. A top tip at this point is to use a finger in-between the vacuum end and the seat to insure the vacuum end does not come into contact with you alcantara surface. This process will lift the fibres back up ensuring your seat looks factory fresh once again.