Which part of a car test for safety?

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Perhaps the most important challenge that automakers are always struggling with is how to increase the safety factor of their products

Perhaps the most important challenge that automakers are always struggling with is how to increase the safety factor of their products. Unfortunately, thousands of people die every year from driving accidents or suffer from severe and irreparable damage. Hence, the concern to save lives and reduce damage is always one of the issues that committed great automakers to Develop their product structure. According to data from the Europe NCAP, road accidents in some parts of the car are more vulnerable to pressure and pressure; therefore, large automakers such as French DS each year, according to figures published by the organization Valid, they are developing the safety of their cars. The safety rating is determined from a series of vehicle tests, designed and carried out by Euro NCAP. These tests represent, in a simplified way, important real life accident scenarios that could result in injured or killed car occupants or other road users. In order to check the amount of damages caused by driving accidents to different parts of the car, it’s best to first divide a car body into two parts, left and right (driver side and driver assistance side). Studies have shown that in road crashes, when the driver has to decide instinctively in a matter of seconds, he always tries to prevent the bumps from accident to his own; therefore, the parts that are in the direction of the driver’s seat are always safer because they are less likely to be hit by a collision or a encounter. This has led industrial designers in the automotive industry to heavier parts of the car’s internal systems to be part of the driver’s assistance; hence, this right car (based on driving standards in Iran) always weighs more that subject has increased the body’s resistance to impact on the vehicle’s left side. Of course, this does not mean an increase in the safety of cars, but it is a matter which, according to automakers, will reduce the amount of damage.
According to statistics released by road safety organizations, the largest number of accidents involving vehicles that are in collision or one of the vehicles strikes from front to back; hence, in almost 90% of accidents, front part of a car is involved. This has led to the development of the shield structure and the creation of a space deductible in front of the cars, an essential element for increasing their safety factor. On the other hand, it has led large automakers like DS to use intelligent braking systems in their luxury and modern products to reduce accidents occurring on the car’s front end. Also, car doors are always part of their vulnerable parts; therefore, many car makers have bumped up the lower pillars of the doors to increase their resistance to blows and pressures. Finally, it should be borne in mind that the structure of modern cars has undergone many changes over the past, which is, in essence, the most important factor in these changes, to increase the safety of various parts of the car.