Public to See More of DS7 Crossback

discover ds7دی‌اس۷ کراس‌بک را کشف کنید

DS 7 Crossback is finally here! This follows its initial presentation on 28 February, its world-first reveal on 7 March at the Geneva Motor Show, and its Asian unveiling in Shanghai on 19 April.

For the first time beyond motor shows, the general public can discover the new DS SUV, a perfect embodiment of Parisian craftsmanship and innovation. From 18 to 25 April, customers, prospects, aficionados, and curious onlookers can admire two DS7 Crossback models, including the special launch edition named La Première, at the prestigious DS showcase: DS World Paris. Following this encounter at the marque’s flagship address, enthusiasts all over France will become acquainted with the new DS model as it goes on a special six-month tour of the country, passing through sixty different French towns.


The first rendez-vous with Parisians will be at DS World Paris

Tuesday 18 April 2017. The DS7 Crossback will make its first appearance in Asia, at the Shanghai Motor Show. At the same time, the model will be presented in Paris, at the marque’s flagship showcase: DS World Paris. Two editions of the new DS SUV — an emblem of Parisian craftsmanship and innovation — will be exhibited for a week at the heart of France’s capital: the DS7 Crossback in its Gold Byzantin livery and the La Première limited edition. The event will be unprecedented, even spellbinding: customers and tourists alike will be the first ones in the world to see the special launch edition, named La Première, right before their eyes.


A sixty-stage tour acquainting the French public with the car

From May to October 2017, the DS7 Crossback will be touring France. From Lille to Montpellier, from Reims to Bordeaux, the car will be exhibited in sixty French towns like an invaluable, rare artefact. Customers, visitors, and simply intrigued bystanders will admire its charming design in DS Stores, DS Salons, and potentially at private viewing sessions in premises reserved for the occasion. The DS Active LED Vision courtesy lighting will mesmerise them, as will the car’s rear lights with their scale-like design. A six-month, France-wide tour to acquaint the public with the latest DS offering. Arnaud Ribault, DS Global Sales and Marketing Director, explained, ‘DS is bold and daring yet the brand also seeks to keep in touch with everyday people through a human touch. DS7 Crossback roadshow was therefore a natural choice for presenting our new SUV as closely as possible to potential buyers. As our leading market, France is where the event will take place initially, although each European country will organise similar shows in 2017. This is because the tour is much more than a preview showing: it is a great chance for the general public to enter the DS brand world.’


The roadshow stopovers can be viewed (from May) on www.dsautomobiles.fr or on the DS France Facebook page.


DS7 Crossback will be on sale exclusively in DS Stores, DS Salons, the DS Urban Store in London, and at DS World. Here is an overview of these different showcases…

discover ds7دی‌اس۷ کراس‌بک را کشف کنید
discover ds7دی‌اس۷ کراس‌بک را کشف کنید