Infrared identifies sign of distraction

سیستم تشخیص حواس‌پرتی

One of the newest technologies used in the new DS7, is Infrared identifies sign of distraction which can detect the driver's distraction and sleepiness.

One of the newest technologies used in the new DS7, is Infrared identifies sign of distraction which can detect the driver’s distraction and sleepiness. The system is able to analyze driving position by measuring the driver’s body temperature as well as its viewing angle. Therefore, the system embedded in the new DS product can detect any driver’s distraction and sleepiness and, if necessary, take control of the steering wheel by using other active systems in the car. In this advanced security system, infrared technology is located in front of the driver’s face and uses the Thermographic camera located in this system to check the movements and temperature released by the driver. When a person becomes sleepy, his body is removed from the heat faster than ever before, and the areas of the face rapidly start to cool, so the advanced system is able to know its condition by measuring the temperature intervals of the individual’s body. Of course, it’s not possible to detect his physical condition from the person’s temperature, so the new DS system uses the person’s angle detection technology. In DS7 cars, driver assistance systems are activated when the driver’s view of the road is reduced, and the car’s guidance system changes to semi-automatic mode. For example, if the driver looks at his cellphone or looks elsewhere other than the way ahead, the system will find out that the driver is distracted and activates the driver assistance systems automatically.

The DS7’s new safety system also recognizes the driver’s physical condition. If a person has a heart attack or anesthesia while driving, infrared cameras send the individual’s physical information to cars ECU, and the car automatically slows down and stops in the best place. Consider the driver’s distraction and drowsiness diagnosis in the new DS car as complementary to other driver assistance systems. The engineers of the French automaker have been using the lane departure warning system, automatic braking and adaptive cruise control (intelligent) in the new DS car. The lane-keep assist function works at speeds up to 112 mph while the Park Pilot system will operate and scan for parking spaces that will accommodate the DS7 at speeds as high as 18 mph and will park itself at 3 mph or less. Next on the list, there’s DS Night Vision, which uses an infrared camera to detect obstacles in the road and warn the driver via the instrument cluster of anything up to 300 feet away.

Why should we use Infrared identifies sign of distractions system?

Experts from the automobile company DS suggest that drivers always use Infrared identifies sign of distraction and activate the driver’s security and assist systems. Consider that the accident never warns you and even the best drivers may be crashing along their path. The driver’s distraction and drowsiness diagnosis system, which is provided by DS engineers, helps you to increase the quality of road and road safety for you and your passengers.

Of course The Infrared identifies sign of distraction system is a driver assistance technology and you should never rely on these type of systems without depend on your driving skills! We suggest driving your vehicle ahead of the road while putting driver assistance systems in active mode.