DS advocate of modern art

DS and modern art دی‌اس و هنر نوین

DS supports modern art from the past to present

DS, premium noble car manufacturer, had special value for art, specially modern and avant-garde one. On this flow, this luxury brand, sponsored for many artists and planned joint events so customers and visitors can inspect the least and most beautiful arts beside these modern and noble cars.
The last but not least of this kinds of events in DS home in iran was, joint event of us, official distributor of DS in iran and one the best artists in our country, Khodayar Ahi. He planned to show some of his newest masterpieces beside our premium French cars. He added:” pictures were heritage for us from the past, like DS which is using classic and elegeant designs. In fact, DS has avant-garde family tree. I interacted modern human with this family tree as my pictures. Curved lines and incisive look which is generated from DS automobiles. Color, form and whiteness are my speculation of DS automobiles.”

ds and art دی‌اس و هنر
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ds and modern art 1 دی‌اس و هنر نوین