DS Park Pilot

park-pilot سیستم پارک خودکار

One of the newest technologies developed by the French company DS is the unique auto park system, named after the DS Park pilot.

This new driver aid enables for DS 7 CROSSBACK to park itself parallel to the kerb or in a bay without the driver touching the steering wheel or pedals. DS PARK PILOT finds parking spaces that DS 7 CROSSBACK will fit into by driving past at speeds up to 18mph or 30km/h.

It is part of the driver assistance technologies that it can park automatically with the help of the radar and sensors embedded in the car. This new system is exclusively available for DS Automobile and varies in many respects with those of the modern car market. Perhaps the main difference between the DS Park pilot and the rest of the driver assist parking technology is the choice between automatic and semi-automatic mode. When you activate this system, sensors and cameras embedded in car bodies automatically look for a suitable place for the park; however, let’s take into account that the system can scan the route the best way, It should speed the car below 30 km/h or 18mph. When the appropriate park location is found, the DS Park pilot system measures all the angles in the area and then draws the default path for you in the car’s screen. This route actually shows how the car is moving; so if you do not want to use DS Park pilot Syestem for an automatic park, you can park the car safely and securely based on the elements depicted. Also, this system is able to provide you with semi-automatic park conditions, so that each stage of the car park will be with your permission and the speed of the car will be carried out according to your request. The engineers of the French company DS Automobiles, for providing the best form of automatic park technology, developed the DS Park pilot system by the most intelligent way, and you can use this driver assist parking technology for any form of parking. Developers of this system have been equipped the DS Park pilot artificial intelligence with four park types by examining the types of car parks. Depending on the route conditions, you can choose one of them between these four forms of the park assist and make it easier for you to park your car in the right place. The system is currently available the DS7 and has been able to capture customer satisfaction around the world.

Could trust DS Park pilot for any situation?

One of the main advantages of the DS Park pilot’s park system is that, using the elements and features of this system, you can see all the ways to park a car in the image embedded in the car’s screen.If at any time you think this form is not suitable for parking, or if the sensors are wrong in detecting elements or any objects, you can steer your car and disable the system. Of course, according to many car users and experts, the DS Park Pilot system has been the most accurate automatic car park system to date, and to this day has been able to attract full satisfaction.