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The relationship between visitors and staff, the most important feature of the DS houses around the world

DS is the premium brand of Groupe PSA. The DS marque was first announced in early 2009 by Citroën as a premium sub-brand added to certain models, with DS being an abbreviation of Different Spirit or Distinctive Series, to run in parallel to its mainstream cars. The name is also a play on words, as in French it is pronounced like the word déesse, meaning goddess. Since 2014 the Citroën branding has been dropped from the DS line modelsand DS has continued as a standalone premium brand developed and part from Citroen. Based on the branding defined for DS Cars, all 41 branches of this luxurious brand, called the DS House. Like other luxury automobile brands, DS has seen other elements and characteristics signs for its introduction it self, which are clearly visible at the DS subsidiaries. One of the most important features of DS houses around the world is the unique use of this brand in its interior design and architecture. The Deluxe brand’s proprietary brand inspires brilliantness and unique aristocracy to the viewer, which has led the branches or houses of the DS to look like a magnificent, and of course modern, palace throughout the world. The form of this pattern in the typography of the logo of this luxurious brand is clearly visible. According to the Sensual designers, the unique brand of DS brand is the exclusive motive for cutting diamonds of Swarovski jewelry; in the meanwhile, when our eyes look at this interior in the design of the cars of this brand or the design and architecture of the DS branches, the unconscious sense of luxury Thinking of this brand is created in us. Of course, the elements and attributes of the DS houses around the globe are not part of the brand, and we can count other elements such as warm colors and hidden lighting designs as one of the unique sign of the DS Branches. The use of brown tonality in the interior design of the DS houses creates a sense of encouragement and relaxation for the visitors and customers of the DS automobiles company, which, in keeping with the warm and sincere behavior of the staff, creates a very pleasant blend for those present in the branch.

The relationship between visitors and staff, the most important feature of the DS houses around the world

Based on branding law and predefined standards for DS showrooms around the world, the most important feature of these departments is the sincere and respectful communication of DS employees and consultants with visitors. In the main branches of DS, the behavior of the staff will be very respectful with you and you can answer all your questions about the car you want. If you are a customer of DS automobiles, you can use specialized services at the DS houses. Get it All of the DS dealer’s specialized services are provided by the principal subsidiaries of the DS, including such services as maintenance, warranty service, and the provision of accessories and genuine parts for the cars of this luxurious French automobile brand.