hacking smart cars

hacking smart carsهک کردن خودروهای هوشمند

Hackers came to your computers, penetrated your phones and now they want to hack your smart cars.

Nowadays more and more smart cars are using internet and it is a great opportunity for hackers to find their way in.
Biggest automobile manufacturers didn’t know about cars’ network security breaches until now and it’s possible that in near future they recruit network security specialists.
There are pretty strange reports about hacking smart cars recently. reports including manipulation of audio system, door locks and even moving cars with their auto navigation system.
Jeff Williams, chief technology officer of the security firm Contrast Security, told Business Insider.
“Cars are vulnerable because they were never built with defenses in mind. If you take something that was designed to work in one set environment and you connect to it a much more hostile environment, you don’t have the right defenses in place. So of course, it’s vulnerable. It’s like Bambi walking out of the forest into the field,” Williams said.
By2020, Gartner estimates that there will be a quarter of a billion connected vehicles on the road.
But what is the best solotion for now?
The best way for now will be keeping smart car’s system up to date. But actually, this will not be a very good option for two reasons.
First, everytime a car owner wants to do this, he or she should visit the local dealer and second, updates may be good but they are not the ultimate answer for security.
There are always some general tips in network security. Don’t use infected USB flash-drive in your car and don’t trust unathourized people when it comes to your smart car security.