What are diffrences between Vip cars and regular cars?

important persons carsخودروهای افراد مهم

Security for strategic and critical persons was always an important matter, because they usually have a very substantial and key role in ruling an organization or even a country. In general security for these persons is studied through two sections, passive and active security. In past when kings were traveling, they were escorted by numerous soldiers and bodyguards. In this article we are going to study the differences between regular cars and VIP cars.


A civilian armored car (called an armoured car in the UK) is a security vehicle which is made by replacing the windows of a standard vehicle (typically a limousine or SUV) with bulletproof glass and inserting layers of armor plate into the body panels. Unlike a military armored car, which has armor plate mounted on the outside of the vehicle, a civilian armored car typically looks no different from a standard vehicle.

A security vehicle is made by replacing the windows with bulletproof glass and inserting layers of armor plate under the outer skin of the car, a labor-intensive process that generally takes a few weeks and most often costs upward of $100,000 USD. The makers usually leave the external appearance of the car unchanged, in order that it look as inconspicuous as possible. In most cases materials like Aramid (e.g. Kevlar), HMPE (e.g. Dyneema), composites or ballistic stainless steel plates are used.

Besides the armor itself, many other protective modifications are available: automatic fire extinguishers, run-flat tires, an explosion-resistant fuel tank, remote starting of the car, pressure and temperature control of the tires, a siren or alarm, and an intercom between the exterior and interior of the car, and a PA system, so that the bodyguards inside the car can communicate via a megaphone to individuals outside the car. Sometimes the inside can be sealed or over-pressured, using its own air supply, to protect against poison gas or tear gas attacks. As a side benefit, armored cars give occupants added protection from intrusion during a car accident.

The increased mass of the added armor and protective modifications is offset by a more powerful engine and brakes and stronger shock absorbers. The increased weight means that the mechanical parts of an armored car are subjected to higher forces than normal, which in turn reduces the service life of the car, though this may be offset somewhat by using heavy duty components not normally found in the security vehicle’s regular counterpart.

The Queen of England travels in style, in a car created especially for her.

British car maker Bentley came out with the most expensive state car in the world on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee in 2002. The roof of the car is set high to make it easy for “Her Majesty to get out in a suitably dignified manner”.

The doors open at 90-degree angles which means she can walk directly out of the vehicle, without having to manoeuvre too much. This car estimated for $15,167,500.

The Vatican’s ex officio head of state – known more commonly as the Pope – has a fleet of motor vehicles at his service.

Arguably the most famous of these is a custom-made Mercedes-Benz M-Class ‘Popemobile’, complete with an armoured glass compartment at the rear to allow him to engage with followers during public appearances.

The windows on us president’s limo are reportedly 5 to 6 inches thick, bomb-proof, and can withstand armor-piercing bullets. Compared to previous versions of the presidential limos, this newer model has more window space providing better outward visibility. The driver’s window is the only window that opens, at only 2.75 inches, so the driver can speak with secret service agents outside the vehicle.

The doors, which were seen both in photos of the vehicle leaked prior to Inauguration Day and afterwards on the finished product, are armour-plated and 8 inches thick–three inches thicker than President Bush’s limo doors. These doors are the same weight as a Boeing 757 cabin door. An additional safety feature includes steel overlaps between the seams to protect against bullets entering in the space between the doors and body.

The area in which Obama and any of his approved guests ride is a space of both security and luxury. This section generously seats four and includes a glass partition that can only be opened by President Obama as well as a panic button for summoning help. While riding in the limo, Obama can still work and stay connected safely on his fold-away desktop that includes a laptop with secure Wi-Fi capabilities and a satellite phone with a direct line to the Pentagon and the Vice President.

presidents’s driver is not just a regular chauffeur, but a CIA agent specially-trained for situations ranging from driving during challenging situations to regular types of mechanical break-downs as well as how to handle any emergency that may come up. The driver also has access to helpful equipment such as a communications system and GPS unit in his compartment.

The limo’s fuel tank is armour-plated to help repel bullets. As a second line of defense, similar to what race cars use, the fuel tank on Obama’s limo is filled with a special foam that prevents it from exploding even if it sustains a direct hit.

President Charles de Gaulle survived an assassination attempt at Le Petit-Clamart near Paris on August 22, 1962, planned by Algerian War veteran Jean-Marie Bastien-Thiry. The plan was to ambush the motorcade with machine guns, disable the vehicles, and then close in for the kill. De Gaulle praised the unusual abilities of his unarmoured DS with saving his life – the car was peppered with bullets, and the shots had punctured the tyres, but the car could still escape at full speed.

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