How will the interior design of cars be in future?

interior design future طراحی داخلی خودرو

For designing a car interior, designers have to follow a very complex process

If we want to examine the design of the cars, we can summarize this field in two parts, one of them is how a car body design (external) and one of them is interior design. For designing a car interior, designers have to follow a very complex process, because in this field of designing an automobile, while issues such as the beauty and attractiveness of the structure of parts are important, features such as ergonomic components and material compatibility with the human body are important. In fact, the main challenge for designers tend to design an interior space of a car, the compatibility of segment and different parts of the cabin with human standards. On the other hand, it’s better to say that fashion has a great influence on the interior design of cars, because, as previously mentioned, the design of a car’s cabin space should be based on the criteria and desires of its users, and this is undeniable that a large part of the world’s people Looking for trades in various industries. Of course, In the meantime, there are automakers who, instead of following the design and patterns predefined in the interior design of cars, determine the principles of designing their products according to their brand standards; the French company DS is also one of those large automakers whose interior designs It is unique and it is not be sampled in any car.

One of the ways to predict the interior design of future vehicles is to study the development of technologies in the automotive industry; new technologies such as blind spot sensor, night vision technology or auto braking show that future cars will be smarter. For this reason, it can be assumed that cars in the future are less dependent on human commands and can drive the process automatically and with great care, therefore, many of the experts in the field of industrial design believe that future vehicles There are even dashboards with buttons and guiding elements minimized. On the other hand, it is anticipated that steering wheel for future cars will be temporary and will only be available to them when the user wants to use it. On the other hand, statistics and data released by automotive experts indicate that the need for recreational facilities in cars is becoming more and more felt; therefore, it is possible to expect large displays and features such as game consoles in future vehicles. The use of technologies such as virtual reality VR and augmented reality AR will make it possible for interior designers to use more communication and application systems in car space. Of all this, the most important issue today in the interior design of cars is the issue of personalization of car cabin space. Indeed, many of the world’s largest automakers, such as DS, are looking at systems that users can adapt to the needs of their original parts inside the car and apply their own criteria for designing a car. Issues such as changing the seat form, steering, color, or texture of the dashboard are among the things that car users are keen to change.