What are the differences between tires in luxury cars?

لاستیک‌ها luxury cars tires

high-end tires are capable of retaining their form and structure in all seasons.

When talking about a luxury car, we actually imagine a different car that all the parts and accessories used in its production are made of the finest materials. Tires are also one of the most important parts of a car, which is expected to be the best used in assembling and manufacturing luxury cars. Higher end cars, in general, whether they’re built for luxury or for speed, have more power and they need extra surface area in contact with the road to be able to use that power effectively. If powerful cars and bikes had thin powered wheels, they would, under a bit of hard acceleration, lose traction and start spinning. The wheels that do not have power can indeed be thinner, considering this reason, but the same kind of traction is required while braking, so it makes sense to have that much more rubber in contact with the road. As you know, DS is based on the design and manufacture of luxury cars, so the engineers and experts of this french company have always used the best model of tires for the company’s products. In the new DS cars, the tires are used; these high-end tires are capable of retaining their form and structure in all seasons. The DS7 Crossback is the latest product from this French company, introduced in January 2018; it has four High Tech tires, which makes the DS7 car a non-stopable car. These tires are wider than the tires used in urban crossover cars, and their texture is very similar to winter tires. Winter tires have deeper treads and stronger texture, so the driver will not be in trouble on frozen or snowy roads. But the biggest problem with winter tires is when you plan to drive them on flat roads. Winter tires can not reduce their tensile strength compared to urban road roadbed; therefore, these types of tires are used only in winter. The specialists of DS have solved this problem and, using the latest tires, have made it possible for you, both in the winter and in the warm season, to draw the right traction and friction with the road surface. The tires used in the new French DS cars are able to change their shape and form based on the type of the road and they will making you smarter on the track. These tires also make it possible to maximize the level of road traction on the slider road to maintain the stability of the car at all levels. The main feature of these tires is their type of texture compared to ordinary tires. The texture of the new tires for the automotive DS products is divided into two categories: superficial and deep. When the air is heated, the tires accumulate and the surface of the tread depth drops so that the tension and friction will be minimized to the road surface, and the driver can use the panel that is considered in dashboard for choose the driving mode and enjoy the maximum acceleration of DS cars. In another way, when the surface of the road is slippery and the driver needs more friction to maintain control of the vehicle, the tires will increase their surface and the maximum impact of the deep and solid crash on the road surface will be maximized; therefore, it can be guessed Why these tires are wider than other ones.