Rims in cars and importance of them

luxury rimsرینگ‌های لوکس

Wheels are only parts of the car which interacted directly with surface of the road and that’s why they are called “car’s feet”. We can’t omit importance of this part, beside Rims and wheels beauty, have huge impact on car’s safety and comfortability and highly recommended to check on them on regular basis.


Rims are called “bone of wheels” and their duty is to keep tires intact and solid, around 1000 AC rims became metal, wooden part are no longer used in them.

Modern rims are made of very strong materials usually they are made by one piece. They have many shapes and colors and petrol heads have wide range of choices. In addition we will review 3 of the most luxury rims on the world:

  1. Nutek – $6,113.60: Nutek wheels are made entirely in the United States. Each forged wheel is custom designed by the owner. These are three-piece wheels from a company that has a lot of experience in the industry, developing the technology that has set the standard for modular wheels. The designs are unique and creative and the finish combinations are unusual with two or three colors. Aside from the usual chrome and paint finishes, the wheels can also have anodized, ceramic and carbon fiber combinations.
  2. Forgiato Estremo – $5,760: The Forgiato Estremo is a three-piece forged wheel made based on a customer’s specification. Customers can choose the desired level of concavity or convexity. This is then combined with the inner and outer lip widths and preferred shapes. The car rims are made of aircraft grade aluminum and have customized finishes, including carbon fiber, brushed and paint to match.
  3. Forgiato Basamento – $4,664: Forgiato Basamento is a custom painted original series wheels. These are three-piece wheels made from aircraft grade aluminum. These are available in a variety of options, from extreme concave and step lip to convex and big lip. The wheels can be finished with carbon fiber, or it can be brushed with the paint to match. The lip size will depend on the size, but regardless, they will be re-spun in order to attain extra bending strength.

Generally, good and decent rims are a bit expensive because they are made of genuine material, their replicas are available in market and many car enthusiasts consider buying them, but wait! Don’t make that mistake.

Unfortunately, many replica wheel manufacturers are in the business to make the cheapest wheels in bulk and as quickly as possible. This means that they skip many processes that proper wheel manufacturers implement to ensure safety, durability and performance at all times. This is because the equipment and time needed to perform the thorough testing and in-depth, quality manufacture cost a serious amount of money – money that the ‘OEM style’ producers usually decide isn’t worth spending.

The biggest factor that makes replica wheels a genuine danger is the manufacturing method used to quickly produce the wheels. Gravity casting is often used, which is the process of pouring molten metal into a ready-made cast and simply leaving it to set as it cools down. The wheel is then popped out of the cast once it has solidified and tidied up using skimming drill bits to get rid of any unwanted excess metal.

In the manufacture of proper OEM forged wheels, an air pressure is applied to the molten metal as it enters the casting, compressing the metal and forcing the wheel’s overall density to increase. This gives it an inherent strength and durability against whatever you can throw at it during a lifetime of driving. Gravity casting on the other hand leaves the wheel material full of irregular areas of density, therefore lacking the tensile, torsional or compressive strength to stay within the safety factor of their properly manufactured equivalents.

In addition to poor manufacturing, replica wheels will encounter little to no proper physical testing that will validate the design as a viable option for your car. Companies like BBS and BC put each wheel design through the following intense set of tests:

  • Dynamic fatigue testing (simulating normal road driving) where the wheel is placed under load, with sensors showing how it deals with the forces and torques created by the contact with the road.
  • Cornering testing, where the wheel is spun horizontally to test its effectiveness with dealing with lateral loading.
  • Impact testing, where a sudden load is applied to the rim of the wheel to test its strength against possible pothole or kerb impacts.

Designing and making of DS rims took so many hours of innovation and engineering and arian motor taban is proud to provide this brand’s products for our people.