Nappa Leather

Nappa Leatherچرم ناپا

Interior design and Exterior design, That’s the two main categories we face when we want to categorize every car design element. Any person based on his/her taste weighs these elements differently. But when we want to focus on most important interior design element, we inevitably have to consider fabrics and upholstery. Color harmony alongside good texture selection are the main drivers of a luxury and memorable experience, riding a car.

Creating a luxury car wasn’t an important marketing strategy until World War I and automakers were soley focused on mechanical reliability. Rising demand for luxury cars eventually made automakers focus more on appereances. Since then every design element, reflected cultural identity of a maker’s nation. Through time designers in automobile industry tried different materials, but leather has always been a luxury and special material that only big players in industry could afford to use.

In general, leather is sold in four forms. The highest quality leathers are full-grain leathers. Full-grain leather is the kind of the leather in which no corrective processes take place to erase natural marks of the leather. Because of that, full-grain leathers remain strong and durable.

Nappa leather was first made in 1875 in Nappa, Callifornia. This full-grain leather is made from sheep or lamb skin and it’s ‘unsplit’. no chemical compound is used in producing this kind of leather so it’s fully natural.

Nappa leather is known for it’s flexibility, softness, durability and resistance against crease. So, it’s all so predictable, when a luxury brand like Ferrari or Porsche want to use leather, what kind of leather they would go for.

DS, as a French luxury brand, has used Nappa in it’s newest interior designs. Using nappa alongside exclusive watch strap design, has made DS cars elegant and beautiful.

ArianMotor taban, official distributor of DS automobiles in iran, is proud to provide this luxury experience to our people in iran.