What is PowerBox in Cars?

power-box پاور باکس

The throttle body design offered by PowerBox-Systems has been extensively tested, and can be adapted to fit any engine - and very quickly too

Working in close collaboration with renowned engine and UAV manufacturers, PowerBox Systems have developed a modern engine management system. At all times during this process we kept maximum flexibility in mind, to ensure that the system can be adapted to work with the widest possible range of engines. The result is that the PowerBox Fuel Injection system can be used with any type and size of engine: two-stroke, four-stroke and Wankel (rotary-piston). The compact ECU incorporates all the basic functions required for a modern fuel injection system: pump control, ignition power supply, atmospheric pressure sensors, temperature sensors, rotational speed monitor and control system. Adapting the system to an existing carburettor-equipped engine could hardly be simpler: all you need is a throttle body to accept an injector nozzle, and a throttle flap. The control unit can be set up accurately to match the engine using the Motor Control program. This software is intuitive to operate, and it only takes a few minutes to establish the basic setting for the engine. As you would expect, additional parameters can be selected for fine-tuning, guaranteeing perfect throttle response and automatic mixture adjustment to suit varying altitude and ambient temperature. The control unit is resistant to electro-magnetic interference, and is designed in such a way that it can be operated immediately with the standard connector board which can be supplied in the set. All cables and sensors are supplied by us in ‘Plug n´ Play’ form. This saves time, and makes it possible to set up the system quickly for prototypes, or for straightforward conversion of existing engines. If the system is implemented for drone production, the universal connector system fitted to the ECU offers a simple connection method – e.g. to MIL-certified connectors – by means of an OEM – matched distributor unit designed to the customer’s specification. At the same time this makes the system extremely simple to maintain. The fuel pump can work with petrol mixture or Heavy Fuel. The robust geared pump is controlled fully electronically: fuel pressure is monitored by a sensor, and pump speed is controlled by the ECU. The system is designed with maximum safety in mind: if a second, redundant fuel pump is desirable, this can be operated in parallel. The throttle body connects the injector system to the engine. The throttle body design offered by PowerBox-Systems has been extensively tested, and can be adapted to fit any engine – and very quickly too: for testing procedures we can make a plastic throttle body including injector nozzle, throttle flap and servo within just a few days. An aluminium throttle body is supplied for series production. Initially the injector control system is set up using a USB interface and PC; later, when the ECU is employed in the drone, the control system operates via UART. If desired, it is possible to set up a control system via PWM signal for the essential functions using an adapter. If you have further queries, please feel free to contact us at any time. We would also be delighted to welcome you to our premises for a convincing demonstration of the system!

The advantages of the powerbox:

it can be remotely switched on and off (using a remote control or an Android or an IOS device) you can reinstall it in another vehicle, even of a different make (though you may need to change the wire harness for one fitting another make and change the tuning map in the PowerBox system). The tuning box can also be removed from the car before the manufacturer’s servicing; it is quite easy because the wire harness of a powerbox has original plugs that can be plugged in and out easily.


The disadvantages the powerbox:

it modifies only two of the three main parameters (boost pressure and fuel quantity) and cannot influence the injection / ignition angle. Furthermore, due to the car construction limitations, it cannot impact the fuel quantity to the extent chip tuning does. Thus the performance gain with the powerbox will be smaller than after chip tuning. Sometimes, however, chip tuning a particular model is impossible or impracticable, and the only solution is a powerbox.