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It's been more than two years since Apple and Google announced Carplay and Android Auto, their proprietary, smartphone-powered interfaces for select car models, and they've come a long way: more than 100 car models either currently support Carplay and Android Auto or will soon, according to Apple and Google.


By tethering your smartphone to the car dashboard you’re able to bypass whatever interface your car manufacturer has decided to foist upon you. You can run the maps app you normally run on your smartphone. You can interact mostly with your voice — in fact, you’re forced to, for safety reasons. Your iMessages can all be read aloud to you; so can third-party app messages on Android Auto. You can play your locally stored music, your playlists, your podcasts, all with a minimal amount of interaction and annoyance.

There are differences between the two. For example, it takes only one tap to get to music from another app in Android Auto, whereas Carplay forces you to go Home first, then to Music. Android Auto mostly disables your phone while you’re driving, but you can still play with your iPhone (for better or worse) while it’s powering Carplay. Really the biggest difference is that Apple has stuck with a familiar grid of apps for its main interface, whereas Android Auto shows you notifications, or cards, as it thinks you need to see them.

Of course, in order to use Carplay or Android Auto, you will need a new car model that supports one or both of the systems (or deal with the hassle of installing an aftermarket system), and you’ll need the latest software on your smartphone. It’s hard to imagine most people running out to buy a car just so they can access a new UI. But that’s not necessarily the point, and rarely is when it comes to consumer buying cycles. Whenever you are ready to buy a car, the tech companies just want to make sure their software will run on it.

Our smartphones have taught us to expect constantly updated software and interfaces that don’t make us want to tear our hair out. Until more car companies can figure those things out, handing your main dashboard panel over to Apple or Google is a good move and hopefully more of them will do just that.

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