Top ten most popular car features

top ten popular car features محبوب‌ترین آپشن خودروها

Features are one of the most important issues when you are deciding to buy a car. Each feature is particularly important in a car. Some Features are principal but some others may never be used. Undoubtedly features and features are one of the main tools of carmakers to gain more markets. In the following you will be familiar with 10 of the most popular car features.

  1. Movable roof:

Movable roofs such as sunroof, moonroof and panorama are one of the most popular features among drivers and passengers. The difference between sunroof and moonroof is the colour. The design of Sunroofs is transparent and moonroofs are dark. Unlike sunroof and moonroof, panorama covers the full roof of the car.

  1. Adaptive cruise control:

This feature allows the driver to fix speed in a specific number. The car will not pass the speed limit and the driver can rest his feet. Nowadays distance control and radar features gives more authority to cruise control system and the driver will feel safe about accidents and potential collisions. Among the products of DS Company, DS 7 was the first product that equipped to this feature.

  1. Keyless system:

In this feature by using the remote control with a range of 2 to 25 meters, you can use the built-in buttons to open car doors. When the driver get into his/her car, he/she can start engine by start button. It should be noticed while starting the engine we should keep the remote control in a maximum distance of 1 meter from start button because the existence of remote control will be automatically checked by the start button.

  1. GPS:

Because of usage in Mobiles and tablets, GPS is a popular feature in cars. By activating this feature, satellite tracking will be done by GPS and displayed on the car monitor. This feature is also useful to find the shortest route.

  1. Memory seat settings:

When several members of the family use one car, Memory Seats will be the most useful feature. This feature will save the settings of everyone and the driver can adjust seat, Steering wheel and mirrors by pressing one key.

  1. Auto park:

Parallel parking is a trouble for most drivers and some people fail the driving test because of improper Parallel parking. This feature helps you by putting the car beside of the front car, authorize the car to park automatically. It uses sensors and formulas to park your car easily.

  1. Heating and cooling seats:

In some cars in addition the use of advanced heating and cooling systems, the ability of heating and cooling the seats have been installed too. In different seasons, driver and in some cases front passenger regulate their body temperature with this feature.

  1. Head-up Display:

Head-up display is partly a new technology in the car world. By displaying essential information on the windshield, it will eliminate the need of looking at the car’s odometer. This means the whole attention of driver will be on the road.

  1. Electronic Stability Control (ESC):

In some turns the car yaw from the road because the driver turn the steering wheel Too little or too much. In this case, the driver loses control of the car and the car may turn over. Electronic stability system, is a fully digital feature that prevent the car from yawing by Successive brakes in road turns. In some advanced models, this system reduces engine

Power to control better.


  1. Night Vision:

Some people have low vision at night and cannot see their front. When the road is so dark and the vision is low, night vision feature gives you Black and white images from the front. This feature is useful for drivers who drive between cities at night.


Worthy to mention that these features exist in the most DS models and Arian motor taban company, DS exclusive representative in Iran, is proud to be at Iranian’s service.